Drone flying in made air to demonstrate flying gadgets

7 Of the Strangest Gadgets Showcased in 2018

As every year goes by our technology gets more advanced. It can do more, do it quicker and do it more effectively. Some of these advances are amazing – the day that driverless cars hit our roads will be a landmark. But for all the amazing, useful technologies we get that there are the weird and wonderful gadgets that come from people’s minds. In previous years we have seen a lot of strange – such as Nike’s self-lacing shoes. At

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Plastic Surgeon Scotland | Unusual Plastic Surgery Procedures

We’ve all heard of the facelift, boob job and tummy tuck, but there are hundreds of procedures out there. Some are less common than others and some are completely unheard of. Here are some plastic surgery procedures that you may not have heard of, as well as where to go if you require a plastic surgeon in Scotland.

5 Office Technologies That Are Changing How We Work

Office technologies are constantly improving and with the day and age that we live in, they are only going to keep doing so. Technology is now a part of every single facet of our lives. It helps us get up in the morning, exercise, socialise, work and can even track our sleep. While at times it can feel invasive and overbearing, it has also helped improve our lives and optimise our time. These are some of the ways that technology

10 Of the Best Gardening Technology Gadgets Out There

When you think of technology, the mind will usually think of someone behind a computer screen or indoors. But technology is so widespread that it can influence all facets of our lives. If you have green fingers and love to spend time in the garden then gardening technology gadgets are for you. They combine the best technologies with the weird and wonderful environments of our gardens. From tracking our plants to cutting the grass – all our gardening chores can